The most common reason for pavement failure is due to moisture penetrating the surface. These cracks allow moisture to infiltrate pavement resulting in further cracking, potholes and total pavement failure. Without a thorough pavement maintenance, property managers and homeowners can incur unnecessary and expensive pavement repairs.

Crack sealing is the most economic and practical process for filling cracks and protecting asphalt from water intrusion. This best practice also prevents debris and vegetation from invading the pavement structure causing further damage.

Proactivity and early intervention are the key to lengthening the life cycle of asphalt pavement. Once a crack is evident, the rate of deterioration accelerates requiring quick action to protect the surface from increased damage. Crack sealing is a vital element in early intervention efforts. It slows the deterioration process and can significantly add to the life of a pavement, maximizing a customer’s investment.

Tarvia provides professional crack sealing services to commercial, municipal and residential customers throughout North Syracuse, New York and surrounding counties. We have extensive pavement maintenance experience tracking over four decades. Tarvia recognizes the importance of crack sealing to repair and protect asphalt surfaces from future water intrusion and damage. Crack sealing is the first line of defense against pavement deterioration. It keeps water and other debris from entering and weakening the base of the pavement.

The experts at Tarvia have the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to properly diagnose any cracking issue. As well as determine the proper solution to meet any customer’s pavement maintenance needs.