Line striping a parking lot is a fairly inexpensive practice to beautify any property’s appearance and “curb appeal”. A clean, well-maintained parking lot indicates a professional outlook in all aspects of business. It also translates into a positive first impression for employees and patrons. Many commercial property owners and managers underestimate the benefits that a thoughtfully planned and marked parking lot can yield. These benefits include proper vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow, increased safety and security as well as ensuring ADA compliance when needed. These benefits along with the visual appeal of line striping provide a great return on investment.

Tarvia has the knowledge and expertise to complete line striping projects of any size in a timely and professional manner. The planning and execution of a lot layout and marking is extremely important to the effectiveness and traffic flow. With over 50 years of experience, Tarvia Seal Corp. can meet the pavement striping and marking needs of any customer. Whether a large commercial projects or a small parking lot, Tarvia can alleviate any disruption to everyday business activity.