In addition to beautifying a parking lot, sweeping regularly can protect the asphalt surface by removing abrasive dirt, sand and other debris. These items can shorten the service life of parking lot pavement, line striping and sealcoating. The asphalt surface of a parking lot is a significant investment. It makes sense to keep it cleaned and maintained. Developing a comprehensive pavement maintenance plan that includes regular sweeping can help alleviate the unnecessary costs of repaving or repairing asphalt. This cost often exceeds the price of regularly scheduled sweeping and other maintenance services.

Tarvia Seal Corp. provides skilled parking lot sweeping services throughout Syracuse and surrounding counties. With over 40 years of experience, Tarvia’s team of seasoned professionals understand the importance of a clean lot. Not only to maintain a positive first impression, but also to protect the significant investment of the asphalt surface. Partnering with Tarvia provides customers with reliable and trustworthy sweeping services operated by pro